Advice and Interpretation

The Commissioner of Lobbying may issue interpretation bulletins and advisory opinions with respect to the enforcement, interpretation or application of the Lobbying Act (the Act). The main difference between these two types of information documents is the nature and extent to which the information applies to the registering population. The interpretation bulletins are broader and more encompassing while the advisory opinions are directed to specific groups.

Interpretation Bulletins:

Interpretation bulletins are issued in relation to sections of the Act that are not easily interpreted as written. As well, bulletins are broad in their interpretation and not specific to any particular group or individual. For example, the bulletin, A Significant Part of Duties ("The 20 percent Rule") is designed to assist most readers in better understanding how the phrase in question should be interpreted in the context of the Act and how one may calculate 20 percent of the overall duties of one or more employees.

Interpretation Bulletins

Advisory Opinions:

Unlike interpretation bulletins, advisory opinions are more specific, offering guidance to a particular group or set of individuals on how the Act may or may not apply to them. For example, an advisory opinion may provide details about the registration requirements related to the academic sector.

Advisory Opinions